SACMDA Certification Exam Scheduling Form






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Primary: SACMDA-SA




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Notes to Students:
  Take two current identifications and the exam confirmation number with you to the test center. Both identifications MUST have your signature, and one identification MUST have your picture. Plan to check in at the front desk 15 minutes before your test time on the date scheduled.  After completion of the exam, you will receive an official printed form with your test results -- please give a copy to your instructor for your student records. Do not lose this form -- keep it in your permanent personal records -- you may need it for employment.


It is your responsibility to make it to the test site on time. If you fail to make your exam appointment, the fees will be forfeited. You will have to pay for the cost of rescheduling a missed exam. Exams may be cancelled or rescheduled with one business day notice without forfeiture of the exam fees, provided you inform your instructor, and the exam is successfully cancelled or rescheduled with VUE. Should you not complete the exam successfully, fees for retesting are your responsibility.
  Certification certificates will be mailed to your address above, normally within 6-8 weeks of completing all certification requirements. Mailing certificates are the responsibility of the certifying organization, and SACMDA has no part or control in provision of certificates.