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Professional Technical Certifications: Certification Test "Brain Dumps" and Free Sample Tests:

Microsoft Technical Information/Support: (Technet index) 

Novell Netware Technical Information/Support: 

Banyan Networks Technical Information/Support:

UNIX Operating System Technical Information (The Open Group):

Linux Operating System Technical Information:

Netscape IT Professional Resources: (Tech resources),288,,00.html
(Hardware reviews) (Software reviews)

Hardware Technical Support/Drivers: (3Com / USRobotics) (ABit) (Acer) (Adaptec) (Aironet Wireless) (AMD) (American Megatrends)
(AOpen USA) (Asus) (ATI) (AZZA) (Canon) (Cisco) (Compaq/Digital Alpha [DEC]/Tandem - see Genicom below for printer support - see also and ) (Conner/Seagate) (Corsair Microsystems) (Creative Labs) (Cyrix) (Dell) (Diamond) (ECS) (EPoX) (Epson) (Eurone) (FIC) (Fujitsu) (Gateway) (Genicom, includes Centronics, Texas Instruments, Digital [DEC], and Compaq printers) (Hewlett-Packard) (IBM) (Intel) (Iomega) (J-bond) (Lexmark) (Logitech) (Maxtor) (Micronics/Orchid/Diamond) (Microway) (Mitsumi) (Modem Express/Hayes) (M Technology) (NCR) (NEC) (Niagara) (Okidata) (Panasonic) (PhoenixBIOS / AwardBIOS) (Seagate) (Sun Microsystems) (Supermicro) (Techram) (Trident) (Tyan) (Western Digital) (Zoltrix) (Zoom/Hayes)

Computer Systems Standards: (IEEE) (ANSI) (ITU) (replaces CCITT) (ISO) (good OSI model info) (owner of UNIX trademark) (EIA) SCSI standards

Internet Technical Knowledge Base: (TCP/IP numbers - read about TCP/IP v.6) (US IP assignments) (Domains - ) 

Web Page Authoring (HTML, Java, & Perl): (HTML guide) (HTML 2.0 tutorial) (HTML tags) (Java guide) (wacky HTML) (comprehensive Perl archive)

Network/Internet/Utilities Shareware/Freeware: (Elite FTP shell - latest: v.2.1) (CyberKit - ping, trace, whois, etc. - latest: v.2.4b; v.2.5 in beta) (multi-engine search) (online shares) (WinZIP file compression shell - latest: v.7.0) (online or download benchmark/diagnostics) (freeware/shareware program listings) (make study flashcards)
(above can also be downloaded from this site - flash32.exe - 1.3Mb) (IDP net stuff for IT folks)
(above site has MS Network Client v3.0 for MS-DOS -- a rare one!) (F-Prot virus scanner - latest: v.3.06a; virus & macro databases updated: 12/17&18/99)

IT E-Mail Newsletters & IT Websites: (variety of IT topics - good stuff) (comprehensive)

Virus Information (virus listing) (very complete virus description database)

Odds and Ends of Interest: (article on Alpha EV7 1+GHz processor by Compaq's Peter Bannon) Puzzled by SCSI? Get the lowdown here... What's ECC all about?

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