Computer Network Specialist
Class 07/28/99 Day
San Antonio College of Medical & Dental Assistants
Information Technology D

Instructor: Tere Prasse

And Carlos, not only do you have to make sure the drive cable is properly seated without bent pins, but you have to make sure it's not in backwards... Orientation to internal components

Making up RG-58 A cables
Ralph does a BNC on RG-58 -- will it work?

Working with MS Network Client for MS-DOS 3.0
Kenny contemplates the possibilities of MS Network Client for MS-DOS...

Troubleshooting system components
"My CD-ROM is dead!"
RIP for Carlos' CD-ROM!

Learning to check power supply output
Was that +12 volts or +5 volts?

Networking with MS Network Client for MS-DOS 3.0
The guys go head-to-head with MS-DOS peer-to-peer...

Check on the +12 volt power supply output
Will 10.31 volts work?

Using a cable tester
Robert checks Ralph's RG-58 cable -- it's good!

Configuring and troubleshooting systems
Patrick whips that old 486 into shape...
(with more RAM than disk capacity???)

Boolean math theorem proofs with truth table

Having some fun proving Boolean theorems in math...
(and then putting the truth table into Excel)

Parity checking with XOR is next!


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