Employ knowledge and skills using configuration and problem solving techniques, which contribute to the reliability and productivity of a successful network. Apply expertise in networking operating systems acquired through professional certifications.
CompTIA A+ Certified Professional
CompTIA Network+ Certified Professional
ETA-I Certified Computer Service Technician
ETA-I Certified Network System Technician
San Antonio College of MDA
Microsoft IT Academy
4011 San Pedro Suite 203
San Antonio, TX 78212
Major: Computer Network Specialist
Completed: 900 hours/49 credit diploma
Successfully completed over 330 hands-on training (building, loading and troubleshooting PC software and hardware; building, supporting and administering Windows 9x, NT 4.0 and 2000 networks) As well as over 200 hours of individual training

  • Design, install, setup and administer Servers and Workstations on LAN with Windows 2000, NT 4.0 and 9x
  • Configure and administer DHCP, WINS, and DNS services to implement a functional intranet
  • Install, configure, implement, and administer Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Install and configure Network Address Translation (NAT) server for Internet access from a private network
  • Optimize system resources through use of Performance Monitor, Event Viewer and Device Manager
  • Manage storage use through the creation of striped, mirrored, spanned, Raid 5 and simple volumes 
  • Install and configure print server to provide printing services for the network
  • Manage user and computers through use of group policies
  • Load, configure and troubleshoot MS-DOS, Windows 3x, 9x, NT 4.0 Workstation /Server and 2000 Professional /Server
  • Install and troubleshoot device driver and driver signing policies
  • Install, administer, and troubleshoot SMS and SQL servers
  • Knowledge of FrontPage for building and maintaining web pages
  • Load, use and troubleshoot MS Office 2000.
  • Implement and manage software installation to users and computers through publishing and assigning with Group Policy Object (GPO)
  • Install, troubleshoot, configure Pentium 386 through Pentium 4 processors
  • Troubleshoot, install and configure expansion cards: modems, NICs, hubs, sound cards, video cards
  • Install, remove, configure and troubleshoot peripheral devices
  • Troubleshoot, install, remove and configure AT-ATX motherboards
  • Copper cabling installation including: patch and crossover cables as well as punch down blocks with Cat5 and Cat5e UTP cable
  • Ability to remove, install and configure CD-ROM, CD-burners, hard drives floppy drives, removable drives and power supplies

Pizza Hut
1703 S.W. Military
(210) 922-2317
January 2002- Febuary 2003
Delivery driver- Maintained error-free, on time service to customers and safe driving record
Cook- Provided assistance when needed
Team Leader- Assisted co-workers in all positions
Hollywood Video
803 S.W. Military
(210) 924-6991
Febuary 2001- January 2002
Head Cashier- Managed and accounted for all registers
Shift Leader- Excelled in friendly customer service and leadership for co-workers
607 S.W. Military
(210) 922-6771
March 1998- August 2000
Customer Service Representative- Accounted for register receipts
Maintained a germ-free eating environment
Learned and maintained excellent people skills